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Remodeling is one of the most common tasks of construction workers in Georgia. Construction professionals may be hired to remodel and update both commercial and residential buildings. Unfortunately, whenever a construction employee is doing his job in an older building, that construction employee faces the significant risk of exposure to many types of dangerous toxins and chemicals. atlanta workplace illness

If a construction employee gets sick as a result of exposure to any chemicals on-the-job, the construction worker should be entitled to workers’ comp coverage. Workers’ comp claims based on workplace illness can be complicated, especially if illness develops a long time after the initial exposure. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted to provide help when this exposure happens and construction workers get sick.

Atlanta Construction Worker Risks from Remodeling

Construction jobs can be dangerous, as there are many hazards on worksites. As a result of the high risks associated with this professional, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that 19.3 percent of the 4,175 worker deaths in private industries in 2012 happened in the construction field. Unfortunately, more than half of these accidents had four common causes, which OSHA has dubbed the ‘Fatal Four.”  worker-on-the-staging-1069058-m

If the “Fatal Four” top causes of deaths could be eliminated, more than 400 worker lives could be saved every single year. Employers and employees need to know of these top four causes of injury and do everything possible to prevent accidents and deaths from occurring. If a death does happen, victims need to speak with an Atlanta construction accident lawyer about their rights.

Preventing Construction-Site Deaths Due to the Fatal Four