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Creating a safe worksite is one of the most important and fundamental responsibilities of any employer. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances in which employers fail to fulfill their basic responsibilities and make sure that employees don’t face an unnecessary risk of harm. In fact, Safety News Alert reported recently on an OSHA case study of why some companies choose to prioritize increasing productivity, even at the expense of making sure the work environment is safe for staff members. Atlanta workplace safety

If an employee gets hurt at work, regardless of whether an employer made efforts to reduce injury risks or not, the employee should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. An Atlanta work injury lawyer can help those who have been hurt at work to take appropriate action to make a benefits claim and get the compensation that they need.

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With thousands of workers getting hurt and passing away due to on-the-job injuries each year, preventing work injuries is vitally important. To try to help keep employees safe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration establishes rules aimed at preventing common causes of workplace injury.atlanta work injury

In order for OSHA to prevent injuries, and in order for companies to prevent injuries, they must know what causes workers to get hurt. This is why it is so important for companies to keep accurate records when workers are injured. Now, however, congress has voted to repeal an OSHA rule related to record-keeping, and some safety experts are concerned this could increase the risk of work accidents.

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Recently, US News & World Report told the sad story of a 21-year-old who worked at the airport and who got hurt on-the-job. The young airport employee was driving a luggage tug, which fell over. As a result of the accident, the worker lost her leg. She made a workers’ compensation claim, which was initially denied. The claim was denied because she was allegedly driving the luggage tug to meet her mother to pick up food at the time of the incident. The workers’ comp insurer said she wasn’t actually working since she was driving to meet her mom, but the workers’ compensation appeals board disagreed, overturned the benefits denial, and awarded her full workers’ comp coverage. Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer

This young woman was not the first to be injured at an airport. Many airport workers do physically demanding work and do work with dangerous equipment and machinery like luggage tugs or other large pieces of equipment like movable tarmac stairs.

Lots of different things can go wrong while airport workers are doing their jobs, and it will be important for any injured worker to understand his or her right to make a work injury claim. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide assistance to victims in pursuing a case for compensation, so call an attorney right away if you work at an airport and need help getting benefits to cover your work-injury costs. Continue Reading

For companies that are serious about preventing Atlanta work injuries, a culture of safety begins at the top and is pervasive throughout the entire organization. Unfortunately, far too many employers are not taking the right steps to make sure staff stay safe. Workers have noticed that companies are not doing their part, and this can have a big impact on employee/employer relations. Atlanta workplace accident

If an employer fails to live up to any basic safety duties, those who are harmed by the failure can and should consider taking legal action. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help to those who have been injured while performing any work tasks. Employers should try to do everything they can to make sure this doesn’t happen- which means changing the focus on what is most important in a worksite.

Preventing Atlanta Work Injuries Isn’t Always a Top Priority For Employers

Many people know that if they get hurt while they are doing work, they can make a claim to get benefits. What workers may not be aware of, however, is that they can also get workers’ compensation coverage if something they are doing at work makes them sick. atlanta workplace illness

There are lots of different causes of workplace injuries in Atlanta, and employees must understand how to pursue a benefits claim if they suffer an illness as a direct result of work tasks. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide assistance to employees who develop an illness thanks to their professional experiences.

What Happens After Workplace Illness in Atlanta?

Beginning in January of 2015, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) imposed expanded reporting requirements. Under the new more strict requirements, employers had to report injuries within 24 hours whenever an amputation occurred or whenever a worker lost vision in one or both eyes. Employers also had to report hospitalizations in a timely manner. After the new reporting requirements were in effect for a year, OSHA assembled a report of the injury risks faced by workers across different sectors. atlanta work injury

The results of the newly released OSHA report provide a troubling look into some high-risk industries where there is a significant chance of employees getting hurt or killed on-the-job. When an injury or fatality happens in these sectors, or in any profession, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted by the injured worker or his family. An experienced attorney can provide invaluable assistance to workers in making sure they get the benefits they need to cover work injury costs.

OSHA Report Shows Atlanta Workplace Injury Risks

Workplace exposure to toxins and chemicals is extremely dangerous for workers. Exposure to hazardous items on-the-job could result in a worker getting very sick, sometimes with terminal illnesses. A worker who gets sick should pursue a workers’ compensation claim, but these claims can sometimes be a challenge since the illness may not develop for years or even decades after the initial exposure to the toxin has occurred. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help in showing the link between job tasks and illnesses so workers can get benefits. atlanta workplace illnesses

Of course, it is far better to prevent the exposure which causes illness in the first place. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has standards in place to limit exposure to hazardous items. Unfortunately, the list of hazardous items OSHA limits exposure to is too short and, in many cases, the standards are outdated.  OSHA is taking steps to try to better regulate exposure to toxic substances. One recent new regulation aimed at protecting employees from exposure to silica could make a substantial difference in preventing illness.

New OSHA Standard Can Help Prevent Atlanta Workplace Illnesses

Can a company be focused on profitability, productivity AND prevention of Atlanta workplace accidents? Recent research from the McCombs School of Business at University of Texas Austin says the answer to this is no.  As Safety News Alert reports, researchers believe it is “unrealistic” to be good at profitability and safety simultaneously. workplace injury claims

This is troubling news for employees who depend upon their employers to create a safe work environment.  When employers fall short in taking steps to make a worksite safe, workers could be badly hurt or even killed due to the company’s failures. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted for assistance in seeking benefits so workers don’t face financial loss because of a company’s inability to keep a dual focus on profitability and safety.

Atlanta Workplace Accidents Occur Due to a Shift Away from Safety

In Atlanta and other cities throughout the United States, gas pipes run under the ground to connect residential and commercial buildings to natural gas. Unfortunately, in many cities, maps and information on the location of gas lines may not be available or accurate. Information can become outdated or lost, and workers are left with limited guidance in determining how to dig safely to perform construction work while avoiding hitting a gas line.  gas line work injury

If workers do hit a gas line, the consequences can be immediate and sometimes deadly. Injured victims harmed by an incident with a gas line on a construction site should consult with an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer.  Victims should get their medical bills covered, including treatment of burn injuries, and should also be entitled to disability benefits when injuries or illnesses occur after a gas line accident.

Gas Line Incidents Can Lead to Atlanta Workers’ Comp Claims

When employers violate safety regulations promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this creates an increased risk of catastrophic workplace injuries in Atlanta. Although injuries can happen even when no violations occur, problems with equipment or safety protocols means a greater likelihood a worker will be hurt or even killed due to dangerous conditions.  As a result, one of the keys to preventing work injuries from occurring is for OSHA to conduct routine inspections and issue citations. forklift-1255925

OSHA, unfortunately, is understaffed and does not have the manpower to conduct inspections with sufficient regularity. This means OSHA often does not identify workplace violations or take action to issue citations and demand correction of issues. Employers get away with leaving safety issues unresolved, and workers are put in jeopardy.  One potential new precedent-setting decision, however, could be a step in the right direction by making it easier for OSHA to do its job.

Pending Court Decision Could Improve OSHA’s Ability to Prevent Atlanta Work Injuries