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Employees should report all injuries in a timely manner when they get hurt on-the-job. Prompt reporting of injuries is essential, as an employee must notify an employer when an injury happens in order for the employee to remain eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.  If an employee identifies a workplace safety violation, the worker should also provide notice of the unsafe conditions to the employer. OSHA whistleblower

Unfortunately, sometimes employers take retaliatory action against those who report hazards or against those who report that an injury has happened. The law prohibits retaliation and protects whistleblowers, so those who make reports of illnesses or unsafe conditions should contact an Atlanta work accident lawyer if they face any adverse employment actions. An attorney can help you to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve and can provide assistance with taking corrective legal action if you are the victim of retaliation.

Injured Atlanta Workers Protected from Retaliation for Reporting Injuries

If you have a medical condition and are told to undergo treatment, what happens if your work makes your injury worse? In most cases, you can still get coverage for your injury- even though you were already affected by it. As long as you can demonstrate that your work tasks exacerbated the damage to your health, you should be able to make a successful claim. fat-old-man-1158237

Obtaining benefits for a work injury when you have a pre-existing condition can be a complicated process because there is a good chance your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer is going to try to deny your claim and argue your ailments are not work-related.  With the help of an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney, you will need to demonstrate that you actually are entitled to medical bills, disability income, and other workers’ comp benefits. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to begin building your evidence.

What Happens When Atlanta Work Injuries Aggravate Pre-Existing Conditions?

When regulations promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are violated, the risk of Atlanta work injuries is significantly higher. Employers should follow OSHA rules, but often fail to do so. Employers may disregard worker safety rules because they know OSHA inspections do not occur frequently and because they know penalties are relatively low, even for serious violations. Now, however, employers could soon face significantly higher fines when they increase work injury risks by failing to follow safety rules.

Whether an employer actually obeys OSHA regulations is not a factor in whether an injured worker can obtain workers’ compensation benefits. All employees who prove an illness or injury is due to work tasks should be able to recover benefits with the help of Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys. Still, employees are better off if injuries do not occur in the first place. With higher OSHA fines, employers should have more incentive to implement effective safety precautions and procedures and hopefully workplace accidents and deaths will decline as a result.

Employers Could Face Higher Fines For Putting Atlanta Workers at Risk of Injury

Workers’ compensation benefits provide very important protection to employees. An injured worker who is covered by workers’ compensation can count on the fact he will have his medical costs paid and that he will receive income if he is too disabled to work. Because employees don’t have to prove negligence in workers’ comp cases, it is easier for injured workers to get workers’ comp and employees are eligible for benefits in cases where they couldn’t make a successful personal injury claim.  foot-1546405

Despite these advantages of workers’ comp, the downside is that employee’s cannot sue their employers. They can, however, file civil lawsuits against non-employer third parties.

One recent lawsuit in which a worker was awarded $15 million shows the importance of exploring the possibility of third-party claims. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help those who got hurt to explore all possible opportunities for filing suit after a serious injury.

Employees who sustain on-the-job injuries should feel comfortable reporting those injuries and seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Workers should not ever need to worry about being retaliated against by an employer for reports of their injury or for pursuing a claim for the benefits that they deserve. train-tracks-1438656-1-m

When an employer takes adverse employment action against a worker because the worker has reported injuries, this is illegal under Georgia law. An Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can provide assistance to workers in getting their injury benefits and in pursuing a claim for additional compensation if they were the victim of retaliation on the part of an employer.

Employers Face Serious Consequences for Retaliation Against Workers

Construction is one of the most dangerous fields and workers in this industry face a significantly higher risk of on-the-job death than those in other positions. Because of the high risks, it is imperative employers have every possible incentive to ensure employees do not suffer serious or fatal injuries.  man-working-1445582-m

In Georgia, persistent high unemployment in the construction industry is creating a situation where employees may be less selective in the jobs they are willing to take on. This can result in more dangerous conditions and an increased risk of workers being hurt. In particular, one of the most problematic situations for a construction worker is when he is forced to take a job in which he is incorrectly classified as an independent contractor.

A worker classified as an independent contractor is going to have a harder time getting coverage in the event of an injury and is at greater risk of being in an unsafe work environment. If you or someone you love was hurt in a construction accident, an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney should be consulted for advice- especially if your employer is trying to claim you shouldn’t get workers’ comp benefits.

An Atlanta work accident lawyer can help workers and their families after a work injury causes financial loss. Many people need costly and invasive medical treatment after workplace injuries. For some workers, life never returns to normal and going back to work is impossible. While workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to take care of those who have been damaged due to workplace incidents, many families still struggle financially and permanent injuries can also have a significant impact on quality of life. business signing

Preventing workplace injuries should always be the top goal in order to help make sure as few people as possible have their lives torn apart due to injuries on the job. Unfortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is not able to do nearly enough inspections to prevent work injuries from occurring. Safety News Alert reported on one OSHA area director who made candid comments about the challenges associated with trying to do enough inspections. Continue Reading

Adding to the bad news about the state workers compensation system comes a new report from the Center for Effective Government (CEG). Safety BLR reports that the CEG believes the state-run workers’ compensation systems are “crumbling” and are not providing adequate protections to workers who suffer on-the-job injuries. work- sparking

Workers’ comp benefits are the only option for many people who get hurt on the job. If you suffer an injury related to your work, the Atlanta workers’ comp lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can provide advice about your options and can represent you as you try to get the benefits you need. Continue Reading

The workers’ compensation system exists in some form in every state in the country because it is supposed to protect the interests of both workers and employers. Employers benefit because they can’t get sued if a worker gets hurt on the job and they control their risk of loss by buying workers’ compensation insurance. Workers benefit because if they get hurt at work, that insurance pays the bills and pays for disability income, regardless of who was at fault or how the injury happened (as long as it is work related). decline

This bargain has worked for both employers and employees since the Industrial Age when workers’ comp programs were first developed… but the bargain is now breaking down. ProPublica reports that workers compensation benefits are being eroded nationwide, sometimes to the point where the minimal benefits that are offered after injuries leave workers in poverty. Continue Reading

Treating workplace injuries is very expensive, and insurers are regularly looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with providing medical benefits to those who are hurt on the job. Recently, Claims Journal reported that some workers’ compensation insurers are considering the use of telemedicine in order to both provide better treatment access to patients as well as to reduce expenditures. typing

Telemedicine involves patients contacting doctors from remote locations using a standard telephone or Internet telephone contact systems. Doctors can assess patients, and provide treatment advice or even prescribe medications depending upon the symptoms and the circumstances of the patient. While telemedicine could make it easier to get certain types of medical care, it is important to make sure your health is not compromised and that you are able to see a doctor when you need one. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help you to ensure that you are getting the medical benefits coverage you deserve after you suffer an injury while doing work tasks. Continue Reading