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Recently, US News & World Report told the sad story of a 21-year-old who worked at the airport and who got hurt on-the-job. The young airport employee was driving a luggage tug, which fell over. As a result of the accident, the worker lost her leg. She made a workers’ compensation claim, which was initially denied. The claim was denied because she was allegedly driving the luggage tug to meet her mother to pick up food at the time of the incident. The workers’ comp insurer said she wasn’t actually working since she was driving to meet her mom, but the workers’ compensation appeals board disagreed, overturned the benefits denial, and awarded her full workers’ comp coverage. Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer

This young woman was not the first to be injured at an airport. Many airport workers do physically demanding work and do work with dangerous equipment and machinery like luggage tugs or other large pieces of equipment like movable tarmac stairs.

Lots of different things can go wrong while airport workers are doing their jobs, and it will be important for any injured worker to understand his or her right to make a work injury claim. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide assistance to victims in pursuing a case for compensation, so call an attorney right away if you work at an airport and need help getting benefits to cover your work-injury costs. Continue Reading

Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration levied a $700,000 fine against a company that exposed 14 staff members to excessive amounts of lead. Exposure to dangerous levels of lead can have devastating consequences and it is of vital importance that companies follow best practices for safety to avoid excess exposure. Safety News Alert reported on the OSHA fines and citations against the company that failed to protect the safety of its staff members. Atlanta workplace illness

Lead exposure is one of many top causes of workplace illness, and it can happen in many different professions.  If you or someone you love is sick because you were exposed to lead or other toxins at work, you should be entitled to payment of your medical bills and to other benefits including disability income, if your illness affects your work. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted for help in making a claim for benefits following exposure to excess lead levels.

Dangerous Levels of Lead Can Cause Atlanta Workplace Illnesses

When most people think of work injuries, they think of things like broken bones from a fall or illness from toxic exposure at work. While these types of work injuries do happen far too often, the most common work injury would likely come as a surprise to many. The most common work injury which is suffered by employees is actually hearing loss! atlanta work injury

If an employee experiences hearing loss due to exposure to excessive noise at work, the injured worker should be entitled to medical benefits and other workers’ comp coverage. Actually getting these benefits can be complicated, though, because it is difficult in some cases to prove that hearing loss can be tied to the job. An Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer can provide help in proving workplace hearing loss occurred.

Workplace Hearing Loss a Leading Atlanta Work Injury

If a work injury is sustained, the victim of the injury is generally prohibited from filing a lawsuit against an employer. Instead, the injured worker makes a workers compensation claim and the claim is processed by a workers’ compensation insurer. The injured worker can get medical bills paid, and can also receive certain additional benefits including appropriate compensation for any work-related permanent injuries.  Atlanta workers' compensation

Unfortunately, there is a new report suggesting that the compensation received by workers is not the same for men and women, even when they suffer the same type of injuries.

According to the New Yorker, a group of women have filed a class action and are making allegations that workers’ comp benefits are discriminatory towards women and that men receive larger amounts of compensation. If this is true, this significantly impacts women workers who depend upon workers’ compensation coverage for their financial security after a workplace injury. Every injured employe of either gender deserves fair compensation for injuries, and an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted for help in getting the benefits due.

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Workplace exposure to toxins and chemicals is extremely dangerous for workers. Exposure to hazardous items on-the-job could result in a worker getting very sick, sometimes with terminal illnesses. A worker who gets sick should pursue a workers’ compensation claim, but these claims can sometimes be a challenge since the illness may not develop for years or even decades after the initial exposure to the toxin has occurred. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help in showing the link between job tasks and illnesses so workers can get benefits. atlanta workplace illnesses

Of course, it is far better to prevent the exposure which causes illness in the first place. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has standards in place to limit exposure to hazardous items. Unfortunately, the list of hazardous items OSHA limits exposure to is too short and, in many cases, the standards are outdated.  OSHA is taking steps to try to better regulate exposure to toxic substances. One recent new regulation aimed at protecting employees from exposure to silica could make a substantial difference in preventing illness.

New OSHA Standard Can Help Prevent Atlanta Workplace Illnesses

Georgia laws impose requirements on virtually all employers to buy workers’ comp insurance to cover their employees. The purpose of this requirement is so a worker who gets hurt while performing work duties won’t face financial disaster and won’t become a burden on the state. Workers’ comp should kick in to provide coverage any time an on-the-job injury happens and should pay for medical bills as well as providing income in case a disability temporarily or permanently prevents work or lowers earning power.  Negligence on the part of the employer (or employee) typically doesn’t matter as long as it can be demonstrated a workplace illness or workplace injury is related to job duties. atlanta workplace injuries

Unfortunately, while the system is supposed to work this way, it does not always work this way in practice. The problem is, sometimes legitimate claims are denied or employees are denied some or all of the benefits that the laws says they should receive when they get hurt at work.  If you find yourself having difficulty getting benefits which you believe you deserve after sustaining a work injury, you need to speak with an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer about your rights and about your legal options for protecting yourself financially.

Challenges In Getting Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When regulations promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are violated, the risk of Atlanta work injuries is significantly higher. Employers should follow OSHA rules, but often fail to do so. Employers may disregard worker safety rules because they know OSHA inspections do not occur frequently and because they know penalties are relatively low, even for serious violations. Now, however, employers could soon face significantly higher fines when they increase work injury risks by failing to follow safety rules.

Whether an employer actually obeys OSHA regulations is not a factor in whether an injured worker can obtain workers’ compensation benefits. All employees who prove an illness or injury is due to work tasks should be able to recover benefits with the help of Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys. Still, employees are better off if injuries do not occur in the first place. With higher OSHA fines, employers should have more incentive to implement effective safety precautions and procedures and hopefully workplace accidents and deaths will decline as a result.

Employers Could Face Higher Fines For Putting Atlanta Workers at Risk of Injury