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Chemical exposure can cause serious and even fatal workplace injuries. Workers can be made very sick as a result of their exposure to chemicals on the job. An Atlanta work injury lawyer can provide assistance to those workers who fall ill due to chemicals they encounter while on the job.  Chemicals can also cause more than just illness; explosions are a very real possibility. atlanta work accident

A tragedy occurred in 2013 illustrating the devastation that can occur when a chemical plant has problems. The tragedy occurred when a fertilizer plant in West Texas exploded and 15 people were killed, including 12 first responders and 3 members of the public. Another 260 people were hurt, 150 buildings were destroyed and $230 million in damages was done by the explosion.

In response to this incident, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) amended its Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations to try to prevent future incidents like the fatal explosion from happening again in the future. The EPA’s amendment of is rule was a response to an executive order promulgated by President Obama to improve safety and security at chemical storage facilities.

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Each and every worker in the United States deserves a safe place to work. Unfortunately, thousands of workers are hurt or killed annually while they are performing their employment duties. A worker could be hurt no matter what his profession is, but there are certain people who face a far greater risk of getting hurt or killed at work than others.  Recently, Business Insider made a list of the 10 most dangerous jobs in American. If your profession is on the list, you should be aware you are in a higher-risk industry and should seek appropriate help if your employer is not following safety rules and regulations. Atlanta dangerous jobs

Workers hurt on-the-job also have legal rights, regardless of whether or not an employer followed safety rules. If you are harmed because of job duties or if your loved one dies while performing work tasks, you should work with an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to obtain financial benefits including disability income and the payment of medical expenditures.  Continue Reading

It should come as no surprise that working in certain jobs is much more dangerous than working in other professions. There are some industries where you are working with tools equipment, and machinery and are out in the field all day doing physical labor. These jobs tend to have a higher probability of something going wrong. While this does not mean injuries cannot happen anywhere, it does mean that extra precautions should be taken by both employers and employees in the highest risk sectors. Atlanta workplace fatalities

When a death on-the-job happens, an Atlanta workplace fatality lawyer should be consulted by the family members of the person who was killed. Death benefits should be available through workers’ compensation, provided it can be demonstrated that the fatality was a work-related one. The death of a worker can be devastating for family members and all steps should be taken to prevent such a tragedy from occurring.

If the death happens, however, at least workers’ compensation can help to shield the family from some possible financial consequences associated with losing the deceased’s income.

It is relatively rare for an executive to face criminal prosecution for workplace safety violations, even when workers are badly hurt or die due to the safety lapse. Although it is unusual, it does occur sometimes. Recently, the CEO of a coal company was sentenced to a year imprisonment as well as to a fine of $250,000 and an additional year of supervision.  Safety advocates, however, believe the leniency of the sentence the CEO faced– coupled with the rarity of prosecutions like this one– make the threat of criminal prosecution an ineffective deterrent for bad behavior on the part of employers. Atlanta workplace safety violations

Employers need to have strong incentive to make workplaces as safe as possible, since thousands of workers continue to suffer injuries and fatalities each year on-the-job. When you are hurt at work or someone you love dies while performing work tasks, contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to get the help you need recovering benefits for losses.

Can Criminal Charges Prevent Atlanta Workplace Safety Violations?

Can a company be focused on profitability, productivity AND prevention of Atlanta workplace accidents? Recent research from the McCombs School of Business at University of Texas Austin says the answer to this is no.  As Safety News Alert reports, researchers believe it is “unrealistic” to be good at profitability and safety simultaneously. workplace injury claims

This is troubling news for employees who depend upon their employers to create a safe work environment.  When employers fall short in taking steps to make a worksite safe, workers could be badly hurt or even killed due to the company’s failures. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted for assistance in seeking benefits so workers don’t face financial loss because of a company’s inability to keep a dual focus on profitability and safety.

Atlanta Workplace Accidents Occur Due to a Shift Away from Safety

Recently, we wrote about increasing OSHA fines for workplace safety violations. The goal of higher fines is to make sure the fines actually act as a deterrent to discourage employers from allowing worker safety violations to persist.  The fines, however, are paid by companies.  Sometimes, individuals in charge of an organization still don’t do what they are supposed to and they face limited personal risks if they let workers down. OSHA prosecutions

This could, however, be changing.  While it has long been possible to bring criminal prosecution for willful failure to protect employees and for gross negligence that causes serious injuries or fatalities, prosecutions have been few and far between. These prosecutions are about to become more common. Safety News Alert has announced the federal government’s intention to step up prosecutions and bring more criminal charges when OSHA violations occur, particularly if there was a willful violation and a fatality occurred.

Criminal penalties can punish those who fail their workers, but employees injured on the job and surviving family members of workers killed at work will still need to make workers’ comp claims to get money and benefits to cover work injuries. An Atlanta work accident lawyer can provide legal assistance to those who need help getting money after an accident in their workplace.

Nationwide, improving economic conditions are causing the number of workplace deaths to rise. From 2009 to 2013, the number of annual fatalities on-the-job was 4,700 or below. Preliminary data recently made available for 2014 shows this record will be broken and that the number of workplace deaths could crack 5,000 for the first year since 2008, before the economic collapse. corporate-1237899

While death rates are rising across all industry, there are some specific groups of workers who are facing the most significant increases in fatalities.  This includes police officers, older workers, and contract workers.

Family members of these employees or of any workers who have been killed while performing work tasks need to understand their legal rights and their legal options.  An Atlanta workplace fatality lawyer can provide representation to dependents, including spouses and children, whose family members were killed at work.  Contact an attorney as soon as possible following a death on-the-job to get your workers’ comp death benefits claim started.

Death benefits are available whenever an on-the-job injury or job-related illness causes fatalities. Widows, dependent children and certain other dependents may be eligible to receive death benefits as long as they can prove that job duties were the direct cause of the death. In one recent case, a court looked at whether a heart attack could be considered a work-related death after the widow of a worker alleged her husband had been “worked to death.” working-701884-m

In complex cases where it is unclear if the job was the direct cause of a fatality, it is very important for surviving family members to have a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer providing advice and assistance. Your attorney can help you to make a compelling argument for why benefits are appropriate.

Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. has provided legal representation to clients in straightforward workplace death cases as well as in more complicated situations where employers have denied a death was due to work. Call our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers today to learn more about how we can provide you with help after someone you love dies.